The Basics:

  • Being low volume advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended, allowing me to provide you with my total attention. Extended appointments are given priority status.

    Contact Etiquette: Please be discreet in our communication & correspondence; do not use explicit words or lewd, disrespectful language. No blocked or restricted phone numbers, please! Failure to do so will result in losing the opportunity to schedule an appointment. Please do not ask for pictures. I am verified on several platforms

    Screening- Screening is mandatory, no exceptions to this rule. For first contact, which must be made through my screening form (see my contact page), please make sure you supply as much information as I ask for proper screening. All information shared between us is completely confidential and no data is stored anywhere. The information you provide is immediately deleted once verified. Please provide your references website and/or ad to expedite verification. 2 references are required but will consider with 1 reference and employment verification, along with driver valid license. I also accept P411 as 1 reference.

    Cancellation Policy- It is understandable that unforeseeable events may occur where you are truly unable to make your appointment, however to continue the possibility of future  dates please adhere to my cancellation policy. With that being said by the time our date rolls around, I have already planned around our selected time often turning down other engagements to ensure you have my full attention. Short notice cancellations do not give me enough time to come up with alternative plans. Short notice cancellations are considered 72hrs before the day of appointment, kindly send 50% of the date via cashapp $Angelinalacy. Any cancellation prior to 72hrs, kindly send 25% of date via cashapp $Angelinalacy. If you are able to reschedule your date within 7 days of missed appointment will get $100 credit towards any appointment within the 7 day window. If you book time with me and do not contact me to cancel or reschedule you may be subject to the "National Blacklist" so please be kind and keep our date or give notice in advance that you are unable to keep our date. 


     Donation- Donations are for my time and companionship only, and they are not negotiable. I do not accept American Express for deposits. Cash only, except when not possible for required deposit sent via Cashapp $angelinalacy. I will not discuss details or donations over the phone via text or with an email please refer to my donation page on this site. Please leave the patronage in an unsealed envelope labeled “gift” on the powder room vanity when you arrive, or before I arrive. I will handle it discreetly at the right time. Please do not mention it, or any services as it distracts from us getting to know each other intimately, as a lady should never have to ask, no matter how many times we may have previously met. 

    Discretion: My discretion is of the utmost importance, as is yours. I ask that anything shared between us stays between us. For any public meetings, please let's be creative in describing the nature of our relationship. Let's use this as an opportunity to Role Play! We are on a date, perhaps for the first time, and playfully getting to know each other in a public setting.  Or, we are naughty office co-workers who just can't help but get out of the office to flirt and giggle.  Let the other restaurant goers be jealous of how I fawn all over you! ;)

   You would like to bring me a gift- That is thoughtful and considerate and very welcomed. Gratuities are ever expected but if you would like to provide a gift. Yes, flowers are delightful. Anything Victoria secrets size Large and gift cards spend just the same; Ulta Beauty, Amazon, Honey Birdette, Playful Promises, Macy, business books, anything photography related. I'm a size 8.5Us / 39.5Eu in heels, size Large for lingerie, 36D bra, size Large for panties, sweet smelling perfume, pretty purses are never frowned upon. Or perhaps you would like to sponsor a class ($275per credit hour/33hours left-15 minutes will be added to your visited). I would love to thank you but perhaps in person would be the best way to show my appreciation.

    Extensions- Of course if time is permitted I would love for us to extend our visit. Please note dates 4 hours or longer must include social time. In regards to extended overnight dates please be considerate an allow for an hour of personal time for freshening up and getting caught up on any emails I may need to respond to, this ensures our time together is undistracted. I require 6 hours of beauty rest but would love to enjoy breakfast in bed with dessert. If you would like to extend our time and if my schedule allows and I agree, immediately take care of the additional fee at the beginning of the extended time. Please be prepared for this scenario as it happens quite often. Again, do not discuss the amount, do never attempt to negotiate, inform yourself about my several packages and clearly specify which package you would like to upgrade your time with me. 

    Hygiene Etiquette: To fully enjoy a meeting; you must be freshly showered and well-groomed. Please be respectful and always be a gentleman, your kindness and generosity will be appreciated and rewarded. The powder room will be available to freshen up and highly encourage. Please wash your hands upon entering. Clean, fresh-smelling men exude a magic over the opposite sex. Science has shown that a woman's sense of smell is far greater than that of their male counterpart. Conversely, it also means she dislikes fowl smells even more! Before meeting, always ensure you are clean. It only takes 10 minutes to freshen up. I take great pride and effort to prepare myself for a date, and expect the same courtesy from my patrons :) 

    References: While we are on the subject of references. I will provide you as many references as you need within a 6 month period, after that I can not give a accurate reference as people and situations often can completely change within 6 months period of time. Please tell the provider to contact me via text for fastest reply as I do not answer phone calls.